Tiszavasvári Torture

I’m wondering how long I’m supposed to sit here and allow these children to call me “nigger/néger” or “nigger csaj” during class while I’m trying to help them with their English.  How many times must I keep walking after yet another grown ass woman/man has called me “hulye” (stupid)?  How long should I keep pretending that I don’t hear or understand these people when they say that I’m not normal?  What is it about these people that gives them the utter audacity to believe that they are perfect or somewhat the judges and jurors of this world.  In this small village with equally small minds how dare they judge someone who everyday makes an attempt to understand and learn about them and their culture.  Why did they accept my application to come and teach here when they knew they were not ready for someone different?  They treat those who are different from them as if they were some kind of disease – something to be feared and gawked at and they teach their children to do the same.  What have I learned from them?  I’ve learned that as long as these people are here, there will always be a place where ignorance, stupidity, racism and prejudice have a welcome home. 

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