Hate is a Curse Word

I had to explain to my 9-year-old bi-racial daughter 2 days ago that telling people she isn’t a “cigany” just so they will feel safe around her, is wrong.  Why did I have to tell her this?  Here we are in this Hungarian village where color is seen as being equivalent to crime, poverty, and stupidity.  It shouldn’t matter what her color or ethnicity is.  So, now my daughter thought it was okay to say that she wasn’t one race in order to be accepted by another race.  THAT’S what she’s learned here.  Then, she goes to school and the whispers and lies begin.  My friends back home are worried for our safety, I’m not.  I’m worried for my sanity because if I don’t get out of here soon, I KNOW something I don’t want to happen, will happen.

6 thoughts on “Hate is a Curse Word

  1. Ok… so why are you there? Why not leave? I am sure there are reasons… I hope they are good ones. Those types of situations can be found world wide, I am not sure she will ever be able to escape them… until the Aliens come and unite us all.

    • I am leaving (with only a few months remaining on my contract). The reasons for coming were good but I believe I am wasting my time here. I’m a bit of an oddity, I love people even when I know they have evil intentions or thoughts because I do believe that people can, not change, but evolve. THAT’S why I’ve stayed for so long. I had only heard negative stereotypes about Eastern Europeans before coming to Hungary, I had no clue about Hungarians themselves. Now, after having been here for 3 years and trying and trying to evolve my thinking as I had hoped theirs would evolve about me, I realize that, the here and now is indeed hopeless.

    • A cigany is, from the way I’ve heard it used and explained, a negative way of referring to someone of Roma origin. In English, it would translate to gypsy. Here, they differentiate ethnic Hungarians from individuals born in Hungary of Roma heritage.

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