“Ló fasz menjen a pinádba”/Go f#@k a p@$$y

009Today was an awfully normal day. I can barely gather enough will and mental effort to cement my thoughts. These words were uttered to me by a 4th grader today. I guess when you’ve called someone a nigger, ugly, stupid and lesbian, this is the obvious progression. Awfully normal.

One thought on ““Ló fasz menjen a pinádba”/Go f#@k a p@$$y

  1. Many, many blessing to you and your daugther… frist off I will like to say how courageous! and Brave!you are for doing the things you love to do in life..hats off to you for that!! what really got to me is all the HATE and evilness you have to deal with everyday while doing what YOU love to do and that is to teach! I see that you are in another country and you’re not getting much support that you need.. Im not in the position to tell you what decisions to make, but I see that you belive in god…And he puts us in sorten situation for a reason. I will like to tell you to leave!! run, run, run…lol, but some times there are times like these where he is closer then we think by ower side and ready to take us to the next level. Im a taurus to and we are famous for being hade strong! we can face anything and walk out like it never happend lol, very ture. god bless you everymore and pumkin poo.. peace and love.

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