Through the Depression, From the Vapors of Hatred, I Can See

So, I’m gonna gon’ ‘n say it…God made a mistake.  He made a mistake by leading me to this place of depression, hatred, sadness and confusion a.k.a. my current living situation and location.  But, then, in the quiet of the loneliness, I can truly see it.  I can see that first sign that leads me to the next step.  Once I realize that’s what it is, I can then see all the other signs.  Through this depression, hatred, sadness and confusion, I see the beginnings of the next path.  God is my official navigator, darnit.  I don’t do well following the paths others set out for me, but for God, I’ll make a exception.  I can take this depression, I don’t want it, but I’ll take it for now.  I’m cool wit’ it, Father.  So long as You stay talking to me, I can take it.  Thanks for the signs.


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