Something is Better Than Nothing

I’ve been here. I was wishing I was there. I was doing this, needing to do that and sometimes doing a little of this and that. But, now I’m back, so to speak. I’ve been doing a LOT of thinking and reflecting on my time here, my life and what I could have done differently. My closest friends realize that I’ve done damn near everything I could have done. Yet, in my talks with The Man Upstairs, I realize something so simple – progress is slow. Progress Is Slow. So, does that make me a coward, a quitter, a punk, because I’ve decided to leave? Hmmmmm? Nope.

Before coming to Hungary, I had NO idea what kind of people were here, how they behaved, who they were. I began to learn by reading about their history before I came. (The Book of Fathers by Vámos Miklós is a must-read). Being here, absorbing the negativity, sniffing the faint whiffs of positivity, accepting my faults, realizing my defeats, I couldn’t be more grateful. Seriously. I’ve grown. I understand so much now. Yes, that makes me sad and long for better days, but I understand, and that can never be taken from me. You see?

So, I’ll say, Ciao For Now, Magyarország. Cheers to the pace of progress.

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