The Man Upstairs is Perfect

002So, I’m up this morning, thinking, I’m just not a “do what someone says” type of chick, for the most part. Then, I think over my life and all the times that I have just done what someone has said, without question. All of those times involved some type of love – love for the person who brought me into this world, crazy love for someone I had come to love or soulmate love, which I haven’t come across that often. The last kind of love is Love that, with the very thought of it, brings tears to my eyes – The love for The Man Upstairs. My life has been more like a devil’s rollercoaster and less like heaven on earth. But, somehow, someway, The Man Upstairs has found His way in and He has shown me that love is actually not blind like most believe, it sees everything, He sees everything. And, so, I can trust Him and do what He says, just because, well, actually because He sees and knows everything – and that gives me peace in this rollercoaster I call life.
Okay, so like a baby, I refuse to eat my vegetables sometimes (don’t judge me) 🙂 …but He knows that when it rains, for some reason, I turn into a vitamin leech and want to eat every vegetable in sight. Well, it doesn’t rain that much during the summer months but for some strange reason, it’s been raining a lot here, in Hungary. And, guess what I’ve been doing? Yup, eating servings of delicious, fresh vegetables on a daily. He knows me. Now, that I’ve been using so many vegetables in my meals, I can go weeks without meat, if I want, SERIOUSLY! Fresh vegetables, great for the body, easy on the wallet, and super delicious. I said all that to say that, in His own way, The Man Upstairs speaks to me, we communicate and I trust Him. He sends the rain, I listen, I get what I need, I’m better because of it. For me, that’s huge because I rarely trust wholeheartedly. But, the “messages” He sends me are quiet and subtle and so I have to really be tuned in to hear them, that too, gives me peace. So, I can be a “do what someone says” type of chick without losing my rebel status, ’cause that important, don’t cha know!
#The Man Upstairs is perfect.

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