So, this is it, let the tears roll down, first emotion: SADNESS

Sadness is the beginning...

Sadness is the beginning…

Yup, it’s finally here. I’ve completed my last day, last week of teaching and now I am preparing to leave Hungary. How do I feel? Sad, happy, elated, excited, angry, nervous, ready, disappointed, drained. Yes, all that. It’s not secret that I am emotional, I allow myself to experience a range of emotions and sadness is one of those. Some people don’t get it. They don’t understand how I could cry over a place filled with so much negativity and hatred. But, I do. Negativity is not automatic, it must be manually and mentally controlled which means it can be avoided. For those who have avoided the negativity and chosen to get to know me a little, my heart and eyes cry for them. I cry for them because I will no longer see them, I cry for them because I remember the smiles they brought to my face and I let them see me cry because I want them to understand me a bit more and know that they are now in my life and in my heart. For me, that’s everything.
But, don’t get it twisted, I am extremely excited about the future and ready to meet what’s next. I just wanted to pause for a minute and express this emotion, sadness.

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