Next Emotion – Honest Strength

Sometimes, the wars we fight are within ourselves, against ourselves

Sometimes, the wars we fight are within ourselves, against ourselves

So, we’re back from London and I couldn’t be more stressed. Why? Because tomorrow we’re off, again. I couldn’t be happier. In London, there was so much diversity, so much so that I felt comfortable just being myself. I felt so free, so welcomed, so un-judged. We went to Buckingham Palace, Canterbury, Folkestone, all around, it was so nice. But, then, of course, you can’t have all that loveliness without someone or thing taking the piss.

Oftentimes, people ask me why I travel. I answer them. They shrug, feign interest or show their surprise and then the conversation is over…well, between the two of us it is. If it isn’t the look they give me, it’s the actual questions (not asked to me directly, of course): How is SHE able to travel? What does she DO?

What’s amazing to me is that women/girls of European descent/background travel all the time. In fact, such experiences are encouraged. So, then, why is it so unusual that my daughter and I choose to do the same?

Honestly, I hear the sly comments about how the only way I could afford to travel is throgh illegal and/or sexual means. Yup, I’m SO tired of beating around the bush. No, I am not a prostitute. No, I am not a criminal. Yes, I travel and will continue to do so. Will THEY continue to whisper and conjure up lies of fantasy and criminal behavior about my life? Yes, of course. Because a single mother of color who travels could ONLY be a prostitute or criminal. Or could she?

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