Same ol’ ———- A-GAIN!


Yes, sooooooo, today was one of those days, A-GAIN!  Out n’ about in Kiev with my brown skin and scaring children and adults along the way.  YUP!  Well, that’s what the reality would be if I actually believed all the blatant and ignorant comments I heard today.  A little girl pushed me in the clothing store today.  When I went to the cosmetics store, they said I was scary, then on the way up the escalator with my friends, a strange man called one of us a prostitute.  Why?  Who cares?  ‘Cause as long as I’m brown, as long as anyone doesn’t fit the norm, their definition of normal and beautiful, then that person should be expected to be made fun of and ridiculed constantly.  Welcome to the new world order.  Happy times all around.  NOT!

3 thoughts on “Same ol’ ———- A-GAIN!

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  2. No offense but that is very stupid. Eastern European countries are racist. How come the rest of the world knows this and you seem not to, because if you did, then you would leave. Yes there is racism every where but Eastern European countries are in a totally different league.

    • I am no longer in Eastern Europe, I am in an EurAsian country. Nevertheless, I do know about the stereotypes and I do know the reputation that Eastern European countries have. The whole world doesn’t have my experiences and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in this whole world.

      I cannot change my skin color and I cannot change the attitudes of the whole world but if I have given anyone in any of these Eastern European countries a different (positive) view of a different race, then, I’m okay with that. If my daughter has made another friend in any of these Eastern European countries, then, I’m okay with that. If a child in one of these Eastern European countries can feel free to call me whenever they need help with their English assignments or when they just want to talk, then, I’m okay with that. Blogging about my experiences is how I express myself and share my life with the world.

      Thank you for sharing your opinion.

      Ciao 4 Now.

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