“Seeing is Believing – no, really, ’cause hearing is SO overrated (Thoughts While in Ukraine)

Me and The Pumpkin Pooh“I heard she’s running from the police”.
“I heard she’s poor”.
“I heard she doesn’t know who the father of her child is”.
“I heard she makes her money…”
“I heard…”

Well, I heard that all Eastern Europeans are drunk, backward racists who sell their women for money. But, that’s only what I HEARD, I wanna know the truth of it all, I want to SEE for myself.

See, that stuff in quotations is what I heard various individuals say about me. Often times, they would say these things in their native languages and didn’t realize I understood what they were saying. But, I did and I heard them loud and perfectly clear. What I want is for people to see me, I mean really see me, and then come to their own personal conclusions. Yes, many of these oh-so-open-minded individuals stuck to their guns and stuck to their stereotypes about me but some of them SAW me.

If they are under the impression (or, if they have HEARD) that all Black Americans are uneducated and don’t care about their children but they SEE me working as a teacher and educating my own daughter, then…

If they are under the impression (or, if they have HEARD) that all Black American females are angry and evil but they SEE me helping others and being genuinely happy doing it, then…

If they are under the impression (or, of they have HEARD) that all Black Americans only stick to themselves and don’t travel or mingle with other races, but they SEE me in their less-travelled-in country with my multi-racial daughter, then…

So, forget what you’ve heard – “Seeing is Believing”

Same ol’ ———- A-GAIN!


Yes, sooooooo, today was one of those days, A-GAIN!  Out n’ about in Kiev with my brown skin and scaring children and adults along the way.  YUP!  Well, that’s what the reality would be if I actually believed all the blatant and ignorant comments I heard today.  A little girl pushed me in the clothing store today.  When I went to the cosmetics store, they said I was scary, then on the way up the escalator with my friends, a strange man called one of us a prostitute.  Why?  Who cares?  ‘Cause as long as I’m brown, as long as anyone doesn’t fit the norm, their definition of normal and beautiful, then that person should be expected to be made fun of and ridiculed constantly.  Welcome to the new world order.  Happy times all around.  NOT!

Update: Now, Kiev

Taken on village road right outside the house where I was staying and teaching this summer.

Taken on a village road right outside the house where I was staying and teaching this summer.

Well, it’s been a while.  I’m in Kiev now and describing this past month and a half as a rollercoaster would be a gravely, inappropriate understatement.  I’ve been up and down, emotionally and physically, believe it or not (hey, jumpin’ on a trampoline counts)!  Being in the village had it’s very high points (I am now categorizing fresh air and home-grown food as luxuries) and it’s very low points (you can never run far enough away from stark and harsh realities).

P.S.  Upcoming posts will include a series of life’s thoughts I pondered about while in the village, otherwise known as Pischana.